Soldiers of Creation Art Therapy Workshop Featuring Full Circle Art Therapy


On Saturday, December 15th, Please join Soldiers of Creation from 4 pm to 6 pm for an Art Therapy Workshop featuring Full Circle Art Therapy Centre.

Soldiers of Creation is a gender inclusive social enterprise that focuses on providing a safe space for survivors of sexual assault to connect, reclaim their voice and empower each other. We aim to introduce survivors and allies dealing with trauma caused by sexual assault to alternative methods of healing. We are thrilled to be parting up with Full Circle Art Therapy Centre for this unique healing workshop. This is an opportunity to come and reconnect with your thoughts, meet other survivors and network with members of this growing community of love.

Full Circle -Art Therapy Centre was founded by Pearl Lee and Lacey Ford (B.A. Hons, D.T.A.T.I) two classmates from the Toronto Art Therapy Institute (T.A.T.I) in 2014. Full Circle -Art Therapy Centre is committed to operating with full integrity and authenticity. We provide affordable mental health services to a variety of populations in the GTA, through group and individual art therapy sessions. We focus on client-centred treatment and an individual's positive strengths which allows for the expression of their authentic self, through creative means tailored to their needs. We are committed to constant personal growth and continuing education in the field of Art Therapy and within its community. We are motivated and driven to fulfil our vision of affordable mental health services for all.

What you can expect from this class: This workshop will give participants the opportunity to explore different grounding tools, through art and mindful practices, which can be used to help maintain a sense of balance in our lives. It will begin with a short guided mindful meditation, followed by an art therapy exercise around grounding techniques.

The class will be followed by an open optional group discussion led by Soldiers of Creation. We will be going over how we felt in the class if there is any trauma we are dealing with and how we can be better allies to each other in a safe environment. We will end the workshop with a final grounding exercise.

Directions to Full Circle Art Therapy Centre:

658 Danforth Ave., Unit 204, Toronto, ON, M4J 5B9

Just outside of Pape Station (Northeast corner)

If you have any questions please contact us at

We look forward to seeing you!

Soldiers of Creation