Designer / Illustrator

My name is Willow and I am a Toronto-based graphic designer and illustrator. I love Sunday brunch with crosswords, wind in the trees and Spring in the city to name a few. I am also behind the branding of Soldiers of Creation. I have a passion and desire to empower and give people from all walks of life a platform and stage to find their inner strength. I do this through branding and using my creative skill set.

As a designer smart, functional design has always been a passion of mine. I have an eye for detail and enjoy pairing colour, patterns and typography to bring a design to life. I bring creativity, imagination and "outside the box" thinking to all the projects I work on. The human form and energy has always been an inspiration and is reflected in my work. SOC has given me a platform as an artist to express myself through my art and I constantly look forward to meeting amazing creative people to further educate and inspire me.