PART 5 Deals with the Feels: When I Experience Depression

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It’s really hard to look at life logically. But some of us try hard to. While people may seem content and happy with themselves on the outside, you really have no clue what’s going on inside their heads.

Depression can hit you at times you’d never expect. Years that are supposed to be your ‘best’ become some of the worst years you could ever imagine. You think to yourself, “logically, some really amazing things have occurred in the last year... but why am I still unhappy and have an overall depressed feeling?” Some of us never believed they could ever be depressed. Some of us thought we could cure ourselves on our own, and it was a passing phase. Some of us have been taught to just sit and be grateful for what we have. It becomes more and more difficult to accept reality when you have depression. You become a victim of your own thoughts, and nothing seems to matter as much as it used to.

If you have these ongoing feelings, just know you’re not alone. Many people experience depression. In fact, 12% of young girls in Canada alone, 12-19 years of age have experienced a major depressive episode, and 8% of adults will experience major depression at some time in their lives. It’s important to be self-aware, to ask questions and to tell those who care about you. Just remember: you are not alone.

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