Making Our Logo


Hello Soldiers!

Willow here. As you may know I am the Art Director here at Soldiers of Creation. I started as just a free lancer designer that was hired by Amy to design the logo for her new company. After a few conversations we realized that working together could bring so much more to the SOC club and decided to partner up. The rest is history!

When designing the logo I wanted to take into consideration what Soldiers of Creation stands for and what we wanted to convey through this very important piece of our brand. Our image had to be one that reflected our cause and mission for inclusion, education and creativity. 

The idea behind the design was an image that evoked inclusion and connectedness through community. The logo started off with the image being a hibiscus flower. The reason behind the hibiscus is because the hibiscus flower is a very feminine flower that symbolizes female power and strength. 

When designing the hibiscus logo I was running into a lot of issues and was having a hard time finding a happy medium between a realistic logo and one that could be versatile. After a few failed tries we decided to change from a hibiscus to just a flower shape that can be more subjective to the person viewing it.

When designing this new abstract flower logo colour was very important. We decided to keep the original colour scheme that we had for the hibiscus design because pink is not only a strong feminine colour but also symbolizes community. We used multiple shades of pink to represent Soldiers of Creations diverse community with people from all walks of life. 

Designing this logo was a very positive experience and the beginning of not only a beautiful community and organization but also a beautiful partnership. 

Soldiers of Creation