PART 3 Deals with the Feels: When I am in Love

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Love. What a funny thing. You can’t reason with it. You can’t plan it. It strikes you like lightning on a cloudless day but instead of feeling charred and burned you feel warm and fuzzy……I know super corny.

Love is corny. It’s silly, and at times it can stink. Like literally when you are in love you will smell farts. That’s how you know it’s the real deal. FARTS people! Everyone farts in front of the people they truly love.

Love is like being washed with a wave of emotion. A big wet in your face tsunami. It can make you ugly cry tears of joy as well as tears of sadness if you think about losing your love. It makes you feel like a human balloon bursting with the best things in the world. It makes you vulnerable, but not scared to be so.

Love is unpredictable. Right when you have decided to swear off love forever for fear of being hurt it pops up out of nowhere. It will take you on the ride of your life. All aboard. Don’t hesitate. Love doesn’t delay.  

Being loved in return is the motherload. The gift of all gifts. It must come freely and fully. You cannot buy it or persuade it or trick it. It must come to you naturally and in its own time.

Love will take care of you if you take care of it. Water it and tend to it. With love, you get what you give. You must be willing to accept it. Open up to it. It needs to be given as much as it needs to be received.

Love also it isn’t always perfect. It needs hard work at times, but the payout is always worth it. Love it a two-way street. It’s a scale that needs to be in balance.

Love is waking up and going to sleep on cloud 9.

Love is like sweet air. 

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