We hope that our candidness encourages you to feel safe and comfortable, so you can open up and express yourselves with us. This way we can all learn from one another. 


Hi there! What you are about to read is the story of how Soldiers of Creation came to be. My name is Amy and I am the 1 of 4 North American women that has/ will be sexually assaulted.

Most recently, it happened in the a mixed dorm room in a hostel that was at the end of a year abroad in Australia. After the assault there was a lot of commotion as I’m sure anyone could imagine given the event; police, hospitals, counselors, victim shaming, people's opinions (wanted and not). I had a lot my choices stripped from me in a very short amount of time. I wasn't quite sure if I wanted to go home yet. The whole ordeal was very confusing, but in the end I decided to go home.

In those last two weeks before leaving I ended up meeting a lot of other survivors. I was in a new hostel, an all-girls room this time and six of the nine girls were survivors. I was shocked! I felt like the universe was trying to tell me something. When I got home I found it very hard to move forward. I met so many more survivors and the community of love kept growing. I thought finally people who actually get it, no one wants to be assaulted, but the bond that comes out of meeting someone who has gone through a shared traumatic experience is indescribable. I wanted to continue meeting these people and having a safe space to belong without feeling so powerless.

I decided I was going to start my own company. I wanted to recreate this feeling of community for all survivors. I wanted to host fundraising events for organizations I discovered through my journey so they could continue to help survivors like myself thrive. I also wanted to provide workshops geared towards alternative methods of healing to provide an abundance of resources.

The next step was branding this company. I needed a logo and was put in touch with an incredibly talented local designer, Willow Mackenzie. After a few exchanged conversations we realized we had many of the same goals and passions. This was a huge endeavour to take on solo so we decided to partner up and are now working together on this amazing adventure.

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