Event Planner

Hi I’m Madison, 


The owner of Madison Winters Event Consulting. I have had the pleasure of working closely with Amy and Willow to help bring the mandate and vision of this amazing organization to life. As a particularly outspoken S.I.W. (strong-independent-woman) I was so honoured when Amy approached me to help create an event that opens up  dialogue for survivors and to make community-driven events a reality. This cause is so so important, especially in our current political and social climate. Women being resources and support systems for one another should continue to be a top priority for all of us!


My goal for every SOC Club event that I contribute to, is to encourage a safe space for women and the community to share their experiences, and to inspire collaboration, sparkle, and support. I want us to continue to show the world how strong, resilient, intuitive, compassionate, dedicated, and fabulous women are.


When I’m not trying to catch the next upwind for my entrepreneurial kite to take flight, I work for Shopify curating and managing their food program. I also am an amateur painter, with a few exhibits under my belt. Most importantly though, I am a firm advocate in the power of relationships. When people remember that we’re all just… people, we can break down barriers, find similarities, bask in the glory of our differences, and find ways to help one another.


I am always here to help and available for any event support, design consulting, catering management, or operational insight! Check out my site for my portfolio, contact info, and client testimonies!